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About Us

Handling all the work by yourself is complex and full of unknowns — and it tends to become overwhelming to professionally manage your workload if you do not have the perfect partner by your side.

Founded in 2018, Desk Chaperone LLC is a revolutionary company started to provide high-quality services by delivering superior value in reliable and transparent ways.

We are a business driven by our values to provide incomparable service that is second to none. That is why we believe in carrying forward the compassionate methods of the past, combined with the innovative systems of today, and deliver solutions for tomorrow every single day in the most cost-effective and transparent way.

Whether your business is small or large, we take immense pride in helping our clients to achieve favorable results and lasting work relationships because, for us, reputation is paramount. When a client works with us, we take all responsibility to reduce heavy workloads and stress, all while upholding tailored management relationships.

Our goals, mission, and values are the basis of the work we do every single day on behalf of those who we serve. We aim to set a new benchmark as we turn your goals into reality through our pivotal focus on stellar service and competitive pricing.

With years of experience and satisfied clients, we have redefined how providing professional service surely does not mean cutting corners. No matter the extent of your needs, our savvy professionals go the extra mile to carve out solutions to fit your business and keep your productivity intact.

We welcome you to our website and we expect you’ll see that the services we offer meet your needs. Desk Chaperone LLC is more than just a company– it’s our ambition for a stress-free, productive, and competitive ecosystem.

The Truth and Lie of a Broken Heart

Three sides to a story yours, the truth and mine. Three hands on the face cover the mouth, ears and eyes. Two sides of me you tried to break and abuse. One man’s misery is another man’s amuse.